Give Now - Alumni


Alumni Giving

No gift is too small. Collectively all contributions made to the TCC Foundation are used to help hard working and dedicated students. For many TCC students, obtaining a higher education would not be possible without financial support such as scholarships.

One Time Gifts

A one time gift offers you an easy way to give to the TCC Foundation.  To complete a one time gift please fill out the one time gift form.

Recurring Gifts

Gifts that are applied to your credit/debit card on a set schedule. Gifts can be monthly, quarterly, or annually. This option is available for periods of 12 months or more.  Please contact TCC Foundation at 817-515-5277 or for more information.


A pledge is a commitment of at least $1,000 to be paid out over time - typically up to a 3 year maximum. Payments can be made monthly, quarterly or annually.  If you would like to make a commitment outside of these parameters, please contact the Foundation at 817-515-5277.